Runescape Treasure Hunter: walking like a zombie and the zombie Outfit

Get the game and get the job card for your zombie opened by treasure hunters, or by talking to Diango If the Ironman.

discharge of their duties card and complete the rows and columns start at the ends of the awards show. Complete all missions to get more rewards card that really walk like a zombie.

Treasure Hunter ready to help eliminate any activities that are not fancy. Fall in with the keys and look for labels which can be used to override convenient.

Stamps will also be given the People's Assembly called Zrik that are in different locations around the world.

Talk to him a zombie card inventory write off their duties and receive two free stamps and the average lamp XP (if you're Iron Man, of course).

To do this, once completion of the task card card.Complete in a coma for up to five times to unlock all the awards available in this presentation.

Prizes: The first - a piece of uniform zombie bite your + XP's ability or destination of money from the spine arched nuclear arms crossed column, and the second - XP and batch exchange, the owner of the weapon, flail exceeded. The third - the second floor coma uniforms to update cosmetics (looks more like a necrotic) + XP or foreign exchange component of the brain on the one hand, and caught the bone above and beyond. Fourth - XP and batch exchange, Zombie emote. The fifth - the third class coma uniforms to update cosmetics (Looks more necrotic!) + XP or the foreign currency component, walk like a zombie "animation.

The ability to bite its own

Uniforms coma deserves a special mention, because it comes with a feature that allows you to "bite" the other players, right-click option, temporary zombification victim shambling gait properly.

You must be wearing full regalia this option exists.

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