Runescape Celebration of Fire Finale – Fallen Nihil

Mod Mark promised a abruptness at the end of the Celebration of Fire event, and it’s here! If you haven’t already, arch down to Lumbridge Crater and accommodated the Fallen Nihil.

From now until 23:59 UTC on 21st November, advice this ablaze adolescent by accession afire charcoal through action and skilling activities about the world. Note that you’ll get college bead ante if you’re training Firemaking (+50%) or Cooking (+20%). You can aswell acquire charcoal through circadian challenges.

Hand them to the nihil to alleviate alarming rewards, including a baking new corrective outfit, and goodie-packed abstruseness boxes.

You can acquire up to 1000 charcoal per day, so appear aback consistently over the two weeks to alleviate the lot. If you’re abbreviate on time, or just wish to alleviate aggregate quickly, there are options to acceleration it up application RuneCoins at the booster boutique – attainable via the Seasonal Accident tab on the Social interface.

Once the accident is over, the nihil will adhere about for a added five, acceptance you to alleviate rewards or barter any balance charcoal you may accept for abstruseness boxes.

Ironmen will be able to participate in the accident and alleviate the outfit, but won’t be able to accessible abstruseness boxes, or catechumen balance charcoal into abstruseness boxes post-event.

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