RuneScape more scandalous situation Ironman

In the latest update, it is added to the Ironman Hardcore mode RuneScape old school. This new mode works the same way as the standard Ironman mode, but there is an extra challenge, but one life. This life when you lose one die Dangerous death. The death of a secure, such as a mini-game, do not trust one's life. When you are dead, check the status of the Ironman Hardcore valued and return to the standard Ironman.

In one option is to call the leaderboard hiscores Ironman militants in life, where you can see who kicked more than all the players without dying. Start a scandalous situation Ironman talking to Juan before heading to the island of teaching. Skype is now available to take you directly to Juan.

Update hardcore Iron Man of RuneScape is now available.

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