Advent Calendar - Winter Weekends

Christmas is coming! Log in circadian for a altered Advent Calendar treat, chase reindeer terrorbirds, and watch your assets snowball with Winter Weekends.

From 00:00 UTC on 1st December, adore circadian ability from the in-game Advent Calendar.

Each day until Christmas brings a new surprise. Day one gives a Christmas piñata, which can accommodate one of four new rares. Log in and see what you’ll get!

Treasure Hunter will action added of anniversary day’s gift, for that day only. Get the a lot of out of the Advent Calendar by logging in daily, seeing what the cost is and branch over to Treasure Hunter if it takes your fancy.

For any canicule that you miss, you can affirmation the ability at any time until the 9th of January. The Treasure Hunter offers alone endure for the day of release, though.

Check into RuneScape anniversary day for a little aftertaste of blithe cheer, and calculation the canicule until the a lot of admirable time of the year.

Also from 00:00 UTC on 1st December, lift your alcohol with a actual RuneScape Christmas race. Terrorbird antagonism is aback - with a blithe twist.

First, affirmation your chargeless Reindeer Terrorbird 'mount' from Solomon's Store (or crackle up the one you claimed in April this year) and arch south of Falador to start.

Race a annular cruise via Mudskipper point, jumping through all the terrorbird gates in the best-possible time to exhausted your accompany on the leaderboard, and acquire Agility XP while you’re at it. Exhausted the advance par time and alleviate a appropriate adaptation of the arise with a aglow nose!