Runescape date invitation winter 2016 the number later this month

Runescape has become one date at the invitation of the food more than expected, the calendar electronic games such as the thousands of players together compete to win $ 10,000. This event will also find themselves in the studio ESL United Kingdom 1 this year.

It is intended to send the invitation of the December 17 date, which is set in the world of RuneScape Old School, and in 2000 the challenge of the most tenacious players in the last battle in the end of the period in order to survive. This permadeath, free for all competition is fierce best players of the old school landscape of confrontation as they battle for a prize of $ 10,000.

This year the exhibition will be held ESL Kingdom Studio 1, and offers competitions, free of charge, as well as a realistic version of the scape in a blue moon, and in the presence of the audience during the Q & A of the developer.