Why Jagex maintains two copies of the legacy of scenery

"We are moving aggressively according to your wishes in our society, they decided to increase the basic trend of the content, and also the way we spend most of the time to develop."

- Design Director Mark discusses how Ogilvy Jagex take into account the reactions of the interview stage.

Runescape 2016 and it is a very different game than it was when the media was first released in 2001, but the developer did not give up Jagex players who want a classic game in modern counterpart.

Jagex to maintain the support of three separate pieces scape - a classic, old-school and modern - the basis of all the various iterations of the game throughout its history.

The way they work together Jagex reactions player to keep the landscape servers over the Internet in different years some other games in a row for a long time on the internet and can provide useful lessons for curious developers how to manage the longevity of your online worlds.

In the story the way to the point, explained the design director of Ogilvy Forums How to pay attention to the wishes of the autonomous community has allowed the game to stay alive for 15 years.

In the case of the old school of landscape and developers to the wants and needs of their communities seriously into account when proposing new features. To the extent that it does not change anything in the game without getting the approval of 75 percent of the Community.

"There are a lot of players who played the game seven years or more, I feel like they want to be able to control the way the game," said Ogilvy. "After all, we do a disservice to our community if we do not give them a chance."

There was a lot of discussion in recent times the level of responsibility of the developers have to keep old versions of a sophisticated game like eyes. Blizzard, specifically shooting came earlier this year a strong hand in the closure of non-formal heritage, which provides players with the World of Warcraft than it was ten years ago the server.