Runescape brings memorial Guthix

Runescape decided to add an exciting new layer of attention to predict the education system. Because the game now gives you the chance to memories of Guthix to find himself, and then let them off to the world. Please note, you must be a member of Runescape are registered to participate in this.

So, how does this work? Well, as you progress through training your normal speculate, you will start receiving element called strict memory. This is basically a new type of item and is automatically stored in the trunk.

These yarns are very important because it is the raw material for the memory itself Guthix. And can be used with different tastes divine energy to activate 12 engrams. Engrams able to detect memories Guthix will be after he ascended to godhood.

As for how this all started. You need to talk Orla Fairweather digestion in divination. It will take you to hunt on the path to engrams. Charging them, and then returned to activate the memorial stone at the base resonance. Once you do that, you get XP and speculate a crowd of flag Guthix. These days you can peek into the lives Guthix, in addition to this, you will get some special bonuses to speculate.

Like what? Well, you'll get boosts private and enthusiasts each activate Ingram, as well as be able to get up XP places divination. If you collect all 12, you'll get a huge boost of divination XP are able to activate the other bonus, and on top of the wing.

So, if you participate in forecasting, and get ready for a whole new experience.