Dragon claws back to the old school runescape

Ministry of Defence Mark (design director) opened to discuss the still-unannounced Memorial for Guthix. This monument is to expand the training of the skill of prediction methods, as well as rewards for doing this, including a longer strings harvest and increase the experience of the divine sites. There will also be detected on the Lore-around Guthix, God previous balance RuneScape.

After detecting the subject of science, Jagyeks will be a re-imagined version of Knicks coach to launch the God Wars Dungeon, with new mechanics and implementation of a new battlefield. Players will be able to bring the largest possible number of allies, because they want to fight, and will struggle to shed new light on her relationship with Lazaros, the god of fate. Also Vick merchant, and the character of the semi-annual bonus unused experience from one to a different skill sets, and will be returning in January, are also, although it would be only over a short period of time.

It brought the Ministry of Defence Osbourne (lead designer) his idea of ??the spirit of the masses in February, opening the doors to the players for suggestions and ideas for the content they would like to see, as well as to encourage his colleagues to personal projects and passions to pursue to offer more than a month. In his own words. "It's a whole month dedicated to the things that do not normally have a chance to rise to get to the top of the release schedule level." He also revealed the production of the endeavor, co-designed by the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Defence Helen Nexus, both content developers who had no opportunity to seek release.

In addition, February, to see a change for the two methods to refine skills by means of the invention, with two new augmentable tools. It was not disclosed influenced skills, but the Ministry of Defense reported that Osborne access to manuscripts Designation of non-combat training, as well as the opportunity allows disassemble the components of the invention because the harvest of materials. And it will be rounded off with a ceremony at the Jam 17-20 in which he twice as much as the players will receive the experience of most activities in February.

Progress of the re-system Clue scroll design, and the release of the new class of Clue scroll updated and bonuses. Vague information was available, as the promised bank, which will attempt to remove the inconvenient from a storage element and the interface, while keeping hold of the elements of nostalgia for the players require rework. Ministry of Defence as No. (content developer) does not, however, shown that the improvement function more ways to sort the items the player, and the ability to get rid of these unnecessary includes easier.