Runescape Gemerator return

Get bonuses on the basis of the average of the last five with the private scarcity Gemerator - including unique head, crown, necklace, gemstone bag all new cosmetics.

How does it work?

Open chests Treasure Hunter as usual, you will begin to see a rare show of history on the side of the screen.

Once history is filled with five slots, you'll be able to claim an additional price - equal to the average of the scarcity of five slots.

Please note that additional charges will go directly to your backpack when you trust.

I do not level you the award? Keeping open chests and find the level of scarcity you are looking for.

special awards

He won the head, crown, chain and bag gems in the form of tradable symbols, which can be redeemed to open or to sell cosmetics, if you will.

Please note that the gems are cosmetics bag head lock, so it can not be carried simultaneously on the head.

These prices are only available from the slot bonus Gemerator, so get them while you can!