RuneScape anniversary documentary offer free

A documentary film birthday RuneScape is a new free to view. Developer Jajaks video mode on the official YouTube channel Runskyb.

Anniversary documentary called Ron RuneScape: 15 years of adventure. In a documentary film tells Danny Wallace Aemins popular game Runskyb. Yesterday afternoon was the first time to the public via Twitch.

RuneScape, birthday, documentary

The documentary shows how the game began in 2001 and how popular the game was great. The documentary interviews with (former) employees have great players and faces in the game industry.

RuneScape was released in 2001. The game is very popular free to play. More than 250 million accounts of the great world RuneScape board. This led to RuneScape as a trade more than $ 750 million in total on.

Earlier this year, the old school Runskyb four years. Old School RuneScape is a copy of RuneScape as it was in the beginning. I have the original RuneScape new look called RuneScape 3 in 2013.